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"Manchester did an amazing job !they were so prompt, friendly and professinal. It was such a relief knowing that they did the whole job in a such a small amount of time. The workers were so friendly and patient, they did an amazing job. Everyone should consider them for their next move. Thanks! ” Jessica. K - 10/8/14

Our Southern California based company has a team of professional experts that are always providing an affordable and fair price for our high class services. We always give 100% customer support from beginning to end.  We make it mandatory that we keep our services on a very high standard. Our main goal is to always keep our customers satisfied.  Talk to our team to set up a free appointment to evaluate your next move! Let us do all the work, call us now! 

1.We are a very high-end, respectable trust worthy company  

2.We have a highly trained professional team only offering quality work ​

3.We promise that we will give 100% customer satisfaction 

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We value our standards as a company and we want to make sure that you pick the most beneficial choice for your move. With many years of experience we keep a clear license and always carry insurance with us at all times. We have A plus ratings on Better Business Bureau and multiple high reviews from different sites. We strive to make sure our company is persistently keeping our ranks as high as possible. With trusted work we are a fully bonded and insured company, only giving positive results to our customers. Our service will always be kept ideal and we promise that if you choose us we will offer nothing but top notch results.  After you have read and reviewed our work regarding for your next move, we provide you a flat rate price, which means you will never have to deal with any issues with extra fees, etc. You don't have to worry, we stand by our word and want your next move to be as elite as possible. Our team gives  100 %  and does all the hard work for you,  so give us a call today!  818-518.1119

We know that moving can be difficult and even stressful at times. Going from one residence to another can be extremely laborious. However if you work with us we will make sure we give you that peace of mind knowing that our men will be as efficient and careful as possible handling all your personal belongings from start to finish. Our main goal is doing all the hard work for you and to reassure that your move will be easy and smooth. Choose Manchester Vanlines A-Team to take care of your next move! We promise that you will be glad you chose us! 

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We provide moving services in San Francisco Bay Area

We provide moving services in San Diego 

​​Manchester​ Van Lines in Southern California is always exceeding the highest standards for our work. You can check us out on Yelp, Business Bureau website and you'll find us meeting the most high end work in the moving industry. We specialize in commercial and residential relocation in Southern California. We are specialist in handling valuables or fragile items. such as glass items, television sets or art work. Also larger items such as pool tables, safes and extra heavy items.    We offer free consultations on the phone and in person.

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Texas Express Service

We provide express shipping to your belonging from texas to LA and from LA to Texas, give us a call for more information 818 518.1119

Manchester Vanlines is pleased to announce its partnership with GS Secured Shipping, This will allow us to provide a greater volume and variety of top quality services.

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